Simon Fujiwara

2022-06-25 11:55:01


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2022-06-17 22:49:06

Sorry but actually truth be told… the third slide is actually the interior of my brain. Interview with the vampire is actually my education. Full stop. Also this is all thanks to djmikeypop

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2022-06-15 09:14:19

My monet moment - contemplating Who’s monet mime- homage to the greatestttt artist monet! I love you! On view today artbasel estherschipperberlin

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2022-06-14 12:43:27

Dejeuner sur l’herbe with who? And other new works are on view artbasel today - go check ‘en out you Whooligans! estherschipperberlin giomarconigallery

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2022-06-09 21:10:09

Making of Who? Follow whothebaer for more constant updates. Some backstage pics of the much fun each day with those around who give a lil’ helping hand like bartaum victoriabeehive and gabija_r who craft collages with me and andrea_rossetti_archive who shoots these photos (not all here but some!) and it’s already and only June .. and so much more to come !!!

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2022-05-19 05:47:21

I made a solo booth and a new book about who at frieze New York, if you’re in town come and see it! It’s with estherschipperberlin

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2022-04-29 12:10:17

Wholigans! Watch it here - the whole of my new animation shot from the sky at Piccadilly Circus! 🔊listen with full music! Or in person: tonight and tomorrow (Saturday) is the last chance to see HELLO WHO? on the large screens at Piccadilly Circus, London, Times Sq. NY and several other cities around the world. Playing tonight and tomorrow for the last times at 20:22pm in a city near you: 🇬🇧 London: PiccadillyLights, 20:22 GMT 🇩🇪 Berlin, Limes_ooh, Kurfürstendamm, 20:22 CET 🇦🇺 Melbourne: Fed.Square, at 20:22 AEDT 🇮🇹 Milan, Piazzale Cadorna, 20:22 UTC 🇺🇸 Los Angeles: pendrywesthollywood, 20:22 PST 🇺🇸 New York: luxottica Times Square, 20:22 EST 🇰🇷 Seoul Coex, K-POP Square, 20:22 KST A project organised by circa.art

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2022-04-27 06:29:10

☁️ Who wants Peace ☮️, Empathy, Prosperity, Love 💛 and Dignity❓ ☁️simon.fujiwara has created a set of 23 whothebaer silkscreen prints for circa.art to support their #circaeconomy - a circular model that funds their free public art programme. Brighten up your collection 🌈 and your walls 🛋 🖼 and support circa.art! 🐻 You can get your print on their website: https://circa.art 💻

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2022-04-09 18:33:17

My mum went to Piccadilly Circus and filmed whothebaer debut on the big city lights! Quite good documentation I thought! For the month of April whothebaer will be on a city screen globally for a project with circa.art every night at 20.22pm

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2022-04-02 10:27:53

TONIGHT! Berlin Public screening of a completely new animation made especially for the big screen! 8.22pm (20:22CET) on the corner of Ku’damm and joachimsthalerstrasse. Join us for a glass of Prosecco and to see whothebaer go public!

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2022-04-01 14:25:13

Come and join us Tomorrow at 20:22pm in Berlin we will celebrate the screening of my new animation “Hello Who?” on the corner of Ku’damm and Joachimsthalerstrasse on the large plasma screen! All are welcome to have a drink and watch the 2.5 minute film with us! Come join! The work will be simultaneously shown for the whole month of April everyday at 20.22pm in London Piccadilly Circus, New York’s Times Square and several other cities across the world including Tokyo, Seoul, Milan and LA.

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2022-03-31 13:49:51

Countdown to Who’s Global takeover! From April 1st will be bigger than you’ve ever seen them before circa.art simon.fujiwara fondazioneprada

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