SPECIFIC OBJECTS ☯︎ oldschool groovez, modern vibez ☯︎ label: @twice_infinity residency: @clubmeatmarket / @wiener_geruestbau bookings: [email protected]

2022-05-14 08:34:11

The recording of my radio mix for _aero__'s Alternating Vitality on 1020_radio is now online – spot it on Soundcloud via my Linktree and swipe for some previews and a tracklist! I played the second hour after a funky set by ___slak___ and mixed almost exclusively pre-2007 bangers (aka the golden era of techno 😈) with some newer material of a similar style. Many thanks to Aero for having me, can’t wait for our B2B later that year! 💖

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2022-05-09 13:43:11

I recorded a special mix for Vienna imprint strumandiodine – as requested, this one sports only my own productions that I created over the past years in a sort-of hybrid set. There is also some unreleased material included that will be available in the coming months. 👽 Gotta say it was tons of fun playing around with just my own tracks, especially since I struggle most of the time to put them into my club sets as I feel that they often don’t quite fit the style that I go for behind the booth. I’m glad however that those tunes seem to work together in a coherent mix, but I’ll let you be the ultimate judge of that. 🤓 Link in bio, tracklist below – so many thanks to Struma+Iodine and inoukiendo for the invitation and to all the labels that put their trust in me and released my music! Specific Objects – Lockdown Groove [Twice Infinity] Specific Objects – Niver (Sweat Mix) [Deadline] Specific Objects – Visceral [Twice Infinity] Specific Objects – Akathisia [Unterwelt] Specific Objects – Hard-Wired Pumping Mechanism [DREPT] Specific Objects – Slave to the Algorhythm [Suara] Specific Objects – Endstate [Twice Infinity] Specific Objects – Techno am Zenit [Introspective] GFX & R3-V3 – Sour Candy (Specific Objects Remix) [unreleased] Specific Objects – Vortex 2003 [unreleased] Specific Objects – CRXXXD [unreleased] Specific Objects – Radical Dreamers [unreleased] Specific Objects – Niver [Twice Infinity] Specific Objects – Riven [unreleased] Specific Objects – Reveries [Fugitiv’] Artwork by lion.sauterleute

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2022-05-05 19:25:09

Super weekend ahead! 💪 After a short trip to Budapest I‘ll be heading to Vienna for club_exil – catch me on closing duties from 6 to 8 this Friday at their main floor ☄️ Saturday I was invited to initiate the open air season at a secret rave surrounded by nature. Hmu for location details if you wanna see me and my WGB mate _ehrenschwesta go wild in the wild 🌿💥 Pic by nini.dlmr

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2022-05-03 13:06:44

Out now: Niver (Sweat Mix) via the first V/A on deadline.rec, the new label by versusthenight ✨✨✨ This one is (obvi) a variation of my track Niver, released about a year ago on twice_infinity – I changed up the groove and arrangement to create more funky vibes in contrast to the more hypnotic sound of the original 😇 Check it out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud via the link in my bio and support the label if you can Many thanks to Versus for the trust, glad to be part of this fire compilation!

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2022-04-21 10:59:41

Double trouble weekend ahead ✌️ Catch me tomorrow at grelle_forelle for another wiener_geruestbau kitchen hosting – if you witnessed the madness that happened last time we entered the floor you know what you’re up for.💀 Also habibi dlv_official is celebrating his Rufmord EP release on Voxnox together with Hadone and DJ Deadlift – don’t miss it! Saturday I’m back home for the warumnicht_kollektiv showcase at Club Ava to deliver some hardgroove cuts and blasts from the past. First time playing in Berlin for quite a while so I’m super excited to experience some proper post-pandemic hedonism, something I think we all need right now. 💫 See you in Vienna, Berlin or somewhere in between!

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2022-04-11 11:06:47

Hannover appreciation photo dump 🥺🥺 Thanks a ton options_original x pan.hannover, I had a blast! 💞

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2022-04-08 10:24:56

I swear I‘m gonna get a proper haircut next week, but before that let‘s headbang tonight at options_original x pan.hannover🤘 Looking forward to see you on the floor from 3 to 5am! 😈

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2022-04-04 16:09:33

Greetings from beautiful Berlin! The astonishing weather makes it look like I photoshopped myself in, but I swear I‘m actually there 👻 Jokes aside, I‘m happy that I found a new and cozy home in this amazing city and can‘t wait for it to soak me up ✨ Some dates for the coming weeks: 8/4 Klub Pan, Hannover 22/4 Grelle Forelle, Vienna 23/4 Club Ava, Berlin 20/5 Grelle Forelle, Vienna 28/5 about blank, Berlin Bookings: specificobjectsmusicgmail.com

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2022-03-24 10:34:34

Tomorrow with ma bois olorr_ and pechplusschwefel (_ehrenschwesta unfortunately missing 😢) from wiener_geruestbau at daswerk_wien! Last gig in big V for a while and on closing duties again, so come and rave once more with me bbs 🥺

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2022-03-22 11:36:05

Super happy to present you this new mix I did for Phase.ctv’s Records Series ✨ As this series is dedicated to music labels and their protagonists, I decided to mainly put music from my label twice_infinity into it. Hear some released tracks, some upcoming and yet unreleased stuff and some early 2000s tracks that inspired the birth of the label in between. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know my label, this is the perfect opportunity – link in bio! Next up in the series is my mate verschwender.exe, also representing Twice Infinity. Totally looking forward to his mix! Thanks to my amigos from phase.ctv for having us 😌

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2022-03-21 11:01:45

Hey y’all, this is an important one: in the wake of recent events my friends from Tongræber put together a compilation to support Mission Lifeline and Bündnis Queere Nothilfe, both currently active in the Ukraine helping those fleeing from and being affected by the war. They collected 24 tracks by mostly but not exclusively local artists; I contributed with an eerie ambient/intro track I made quite a while ago and used a lot in sets and podcasts called Mother/Father. I think it fits the direness of the situation quite well, which is why I’m happy it found its place on this release. You can check out the whole compilation via the link in my bio. If you can, buy the compilation as 100% of the revenue will go to the organizations mentioned above. If the music is not your kind of vibe please still consider donating directly to one of these NGOs as it helps funding their important work massively. Thanks for your support and to Tongræber for pulling this off!

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2022-03-04 15:31:59

Specific Objects - Niver (Sweat Mix) This Compilation, which includes 9 Tracks of Various Artists, stands for lots of groove and old school vibes. The goal with this label is to create a platform for Artists and fans who love this specific Techno genre. Starting with this Compilation of talented Artists and Friends. From here on Podcasts and EPs will follow and provide you with lots of Music. Mastered by: Charles Accarisi Artwork: Niclas Worthmann Release Date: 1 May 2022 specific.objects

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