Laure Prouvost Welcome! Here is our family social club. We will take you deep see blue with us...

2022-06-13 17:04:49

Working hard but someone's not happy with our futur exhibition plans !

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2022-05-10 13:44:13

We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday 15th of May at the finissage at the Bonnefanten of Deep See Blue Surrounding You. On the last day of this exhibition, there will be an artist talk with Laure, Melanie Bonajo and Martha Kirszenbaum, including a performance of Melanie Bonajo. We would love to see you if your shoes or horses may lead you there. Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht. Sunday 15th of May 2:30pm - 4pm melanie_bonajo martha_kirsz bonnefanten

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2022-04-29 13:07:17

Let yourself be caressed and swallowed horstartsandmusic

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2022-04-28 09:00:39

We rolled our way to Venice! Thank you for this beautiful Biennale, beautiful pavilions, so many stabb of happiness seeing so many of you there... Thank you to 🐐 (you) zinebsedira, martha_kirsz, #francisalys, #petrithalilaj, melanie_bonajo, soniaboyce,...

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2022-04-21 14:16:29

Screening night on April 26th at eye_film, Amsterdam 'Deep See Blue Surrounding You' Conversation with martha_kirsz And selection of short old films from Eye Museum collection featuring magic, the world underwater, Venice...

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2022-04-20 14:10:12

Nice to melt you all at kiasmamuseum opening of a new video work 'Four For See Beauties' Thank you for the warm gathering Curated by joao____laia

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2022-04-14 15:30:41

Hovering Caress Amère, by studioprouvostsocialclub. In progress. One of the six stages for Horst Arts & Music Festival 2022 and atonomous artwork for ‘The Act of Breathing’. Laure Prouvost’s artistic output constantly returns to themes of escape into unfamiliar worlds or imaginings of unexpected alternative environments.   Known for her immersive and mixed-media installations that combine film and installation in humorous and idiosyncratic ways, Prouvost’s work addresses miscommunication and ideas becoming lost in translation. Stepping away from traditional linear narratives, the artist crafts sensual environments laden with playful mistranslation that open a space for the viewer to grapple with the unstable relationship between imagination and reality. Discover the final result at the Festival. Hovering Caress Amère will be home to the sounds of sleepd93, sunjuhargun, Francesco Del Garda, reni_ldn, gigif_m, blawan_ternesc (live), lsdxoxo and many more.

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2022-04-06 14:52:08

Four For See Beauties New film commissionned by kiasmamuseum opening this week!

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2022-04-05 14:00:18

Migrating Together (Ltd. Cassette Tape) AVAILABLE NOW In your own tile, tingalong, tingalong, Who's been here since I've been gone? Sound piece in collaboration with Roman Hiele hielehiele for the sculpture at Midi Station commissioned by Europalia. Collaboration available in a limited run of 50 cassette tapes, signed and numbered by the artists! https://hiele.bandcamp.com/album/migrating-together-ltd-cassette-tape

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2022-03-30 10:18:21

'In you're own time, tingalong, tingalong, Who' s been here since I've been gone? ' YOU. You are listening to this voice. I AM THIS VOICE LISTEN TO ME ON THE TRAIN Podcast link : https://europalia.eu/en/trains-and-tracks/events/roman-hiele-and-laure-prouvost-%E2%80%94-in-your-own-time-tingalong-tingalong-whos-been-here-since-ive-been-gone A sound piece in collaboration with Roman Hiele europalia hielehiele

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2022-03-21 13:57:07

The war in Ukraine has put artists in Ukraine and neighbouring countries at high risk. Thank you artistsatrisk for your work and to give us the opportunity to help. The work Blue Surrounding You is available in an open edition print, all proceeds from sales will help Artists at Risk facilitate emergency travel, shelter and financial support to help our peers gain safety. You can find it on www.solidarityprints.org

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2021-12-09 17:27:11

An idea of a way to trespass into the Villa Arson talk tonight

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