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2021-12-11 16:50:54

Last week my track “Seduction” premiered on thebrvtalist SoundCloud channel, it’s part of the big anniversary VA of technoschildren to celebrate their 5the anniversary. I’ve tried to implement some new sounds / atmosphere and I’m satisfied with the end result. Special thanks to thebrvtalist for the premiere and the team of technoschildren for the trust! Congrats with the 5th anniversary! Link in bio

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2021-10-01 16:14:54

This week my remix went online for forbidden909 on expel_your_demons for his “Effects of trauma EP” It’s my first remix which is really exiting, very happy with the result 🤟🏽 You can find it on the markedamsterdam SoundCloud (link in bio) Go listen to the full EP which is full of dancefloor killers! You can stream the full EP on all known platforms

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2021-08-27 17:41:27

My contribution to the mass.london podcast series is live on their SoundCloud! It’s a set filled with some good old tracks and some new artillery! (Even an unreleased remix from me) So go check it out and start your weekend the way it should 🔫 Swipe for some snippets x 1. oposition_ - shadowkeeper [upcoming on synergylabel] 2. ntbr._ - Himiko [upcoming on synergylabel] 3. forbidden909 - Life after love (Tanzkarte remix) [upcoming on expel_your_demons] 4. maharti_ - 2AM delivery (b2_official482 remix) Link in bio

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2021-07-23 16:10:26

🚨 New podcast online, this time I’ve recorded one for Cologne based nyctophilia_cgn Enjoy the weekend with some good music 🤍 Track list soon online 🌶 Link in bio x

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2021-05-17 18:06:49

Release day! Super excited today to share my track “tears OJ” on the new VA of unity_paris. Go listen to the full VA and support if you can because 100% of the profit for one year will go to two charities. “Gathering 17 artists from all over the world, this VA is a caritative project ; the totality of the profits of the sales of a whole year will be donated to two associations that we selected, namely the BAAM and the association Mômes du Monde.” Link in bio

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2021-04-14 17:26:31

Very excited today to share with you my track for the massive expel_your_demons VA my track "Sinner" is premiering on the voightkampff2018 soundcloud channel. Massive thanks to Expel Your Demons for the sick VA and Voight-Kampff for the premiere. Go check out the full VA filled with banging tracks and share it with a friend! "In succession to their first well received VA “ethereal sound guiding towards salvation”, Expel your demons records presents “Father, please forgive my sins”, the second VA curated by the Bristol based techno label. Comprising of producers from all over the world, the va delivers a diverse soundscape of hard hitting techno ranging from 140 bpm onwards. The compilation will be made available via streaming platforms over 5 instalments, starting with the Part 1 Instalment to be released on the 16/04/21." Artist: Tanzkarte VA Title: Father, please forgive my sins Label: Expel Your Demons Records Catalogue: EYDVA02P3 Format: Digital Genre: Electronic Style: #Industrial-Techno Link in bio

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2021-02-24 17:09:00

Very excited today because my contribution on the kluster_collectif VA is finally online! It’s called “Tanzkarte - Ravetide” and I really like the outcome of the track, it's a little slower paced then normal but totaly a dancefloor destroyer! You can find my track on their SoundCloud go check it out the whole VA, it’s filled with very talented producers and banging tracks! Link in bio

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2021-02-07 18:56:07

Release day!! Today is my new track AND first podcast online! New track: My track "War For Home" is live on Tbilisi based label objection999x ! It's a 12 track VA full with talented producers so go check it out while it's still hot! New podcast: Finaly my first podcast is up! It's live on wahn.label label soundcloud along with a little Q&A on their instagram! It wasn't easy to perform without a sweaty dancing crowd but I had a lot of fun! Big thanks to the Wahn boys (kent.wahn , neongraveyard.wahn , earthscape.wahn ) for the invite!! Link is in my bio. Lot of new things on the way so stay tuned 😈

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2021-01-24 11:12:00

After a little break I’m back again to make some noise!! To start off 2021 I’m releasing a track as a free download on my own SoundCloud! (Next Sunday) but here are some previews of upcoming tracks and unreleased tracks for 2021! Swipe to see 1. Tanzkarte - Tryptamine (Release date: 31/01/21) 2. Tanzkarte - Sinner [EYDVA02] expel_your_demons (Release date: March / April 2021) 3. Tanzkarte - ? [?] (release date: ?) 4. Tanzkarte - War for home [unreleased] (release date: ?) 5. Bronski Beat - Small town boy (Tanzkarte edit) (Release date: ?) Next week on Friday I also have a little surprise so stay tuned for that! And a big thank you to all you beautiful people to stay supporting me on the thing I love to do 🖤

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2020-11-06 14:07:57

Lots of new music incoming! Here’s a mini sneak peak Stay tuned! 😈

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2020-11-02 09:59:37

My track “R H R N” is now live on my soundcloud where you can download it for free! Thanks for the support! Link in bio Stay tuned 😈

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2020-10-29 10:37:13

My track “No Control” is live on rave_session_spb SoundCloud! Link in bio!

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