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2022-06-23 02:09:03

Weee so excited for this on Sunday, last club gig for a couple months or so as I move into hibernation mode ❄️ clementine.____ has put together one of the most insane lineups I've seen in a while (literally everyone on here is a good friend) to celebrate her incredible forthcoming EP that I've had the pleasure of mixing with her. This is gonna be such a special party, not one to be missed!

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2022-06-13 05:39:07

New special mix up for one of my fav party/mix series Vortex! πŸ’ž This one is a recording of my set for translate.sound in Eora last February :) Was super fun playing an extended 3 hour set, big variety of music in this one πŸ‘½ Thanks to megmldrm and Nenagh for having me πŸ’œ

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2022-06-02 08:28:24

Eeep 🚨 NEW MUSIC ALERT🚨 Was such a pleasure contributing a track to the incredible amniote.editions for their newest compilation titled 'Refraction of Light'. Was even more of a pleasure working on the track with the amazing nadiahanaan (Asma) πŸ’™ such an incredible talent and voice. We released it under the alias 'Webbed Feet' and the track is called 'Genetic Code'. As per usual we're amongst insanely good company for this one, many friends and incredible music talents in the mix! Snippets now up on SoundCloud Huge thank you to tn.tanyaakinola and mama_snake_ for putting this one together πŸ’ž Also bonus clip of ravensburger.xp playing the track at Hopkins Creek earlier this year 😍

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2022-05-25 09:22:00

A couple of very exciting events this weekend!! πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ’™ Friday in Eora (Syd) for unsung_._ at an incred warehouse space with the even more incred prion.audio soundsystem 😲😬 cannot wait for this one, still some final release tix left so get in quikk!! Then Sunday back in Naarm for a dream b2b closing set with kiasvs for the final animalialabel party at miscellania_ before every DJ I know except me goes to Europe 😭

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2022-05-20 04:50:16

Bad hair day

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2022-05-14 05:33:26

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2022-04-27 00:17:57

'Activate DJ mode'

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2022-04-19 23:55:07

*Yes this is another post about Inner Varnika* So surreal seeing LSDNB by myself and menage.official play over the weekend, felt like such a big full circle moment as so many of my formative music experiences took place at this festival. Endless love to a.nu.raag for including it in their incredible set πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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2022-04-18 02:31:00

The King

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2022-04-08 00:49:33

So excited to have contributed an uncharacteristically laid-back track for the lovely new companionmelb VA release πŸ’™ Happy to be alongside so many friends and music inspos for this one! 50% of profits from the release are also going to blakpearlstudiofitzroy πŸ’₯ Incredible cover art by Fulli Andrinopoulos Mastering by ptwiggs Thanks so much to mil_llu and pjenneee for having me πŸ€— The release is up now for purchase on Bandcamp

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2022-04-06 04:12:24

Pics of me with a friend (I like being on the left)

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2022-03-22 02:48:27

Hottest set ever at hopkins.creek by DJ Mum (ravensburger.xp) ~ in this vid playing a forthcoming track on amniote.editions from me + nadiahanaan πŸ’™ Bonus lighting by loading_erro.r and scumbergcal

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