Jason Worlds Best Stand up!!!! 😂😂😂 says his Mammy

2021-12-02 16:20:57

News bulletin rtenews ryanair priority Q end up at Croagh Pk, passengers furious as they miss plane #ryanair

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2021-12-02 12:15:12

This is f**kin priceless, u can almost hear his voice, "Vulgar!!, aggressive!!!, foul language Byrne!!!!! #IRISHGOVGOBSHITES

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2021-12-02 08:41:54

Thanks to the wonderful people The Lowry tonight, sleeve boy, shithole man, Bolton, Stoke, izzy n family, dad n daughter, Fred Dipnah n the rest #manchester

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2021-12-01 16:36:35

See u all tomorrow colchartscentre Dec 2nd, sorry for moving gig again, due to heart issues, so we'll plough ahead #colchesterartscentre

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2021-12-01 13:09:34

The amazing lidlireland they will literally try n sell u anything, next week, chainsaws for the kids #lidi

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2021-11-30 20:09:01

Here's the reason why older people don't mind taking the vaccine. See u all the_lowry tomorrow Dec 1st. Sorry for moving date twice, heart all good now www.jasonbyrne.ie for more details #heart #lowrymanchester #jasonbyrne

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2021-11-30 14:18:12

Ah jazuz, in trouble again #facebook

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2021-11-30 13:02:16

Irish gov gobs PANTO alanhughestv michaelmartintd stephen_donnelly_wicklow simonharristd leovaradkar retnews newstalkfm marylou.mcdonald.56 www.jasonbyrne.ie for all gigs coming up #irishgovgobshites

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2021-11-29 21:20:16

Not again lads, banned for a piece of classical art 🎨🎨

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2021-11-28 13:41:47

Due to a heart illness defence classes had ceased. But now i am back fit and strong. Here is a major tip for those dark evenings mcdojolife coach_kavanagh thenotoriousmma chopperboy69 www.jasonbyrne.ie for all gigs British n Irish Tour #jasonbyrnesmorningdefenceclasses

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2021-11-27 08:52:25

"Ryanair priority, u pay to Q out in the cold before any other passengers" 👍👍😉ryanair #ryanairstories

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2021-11-26 23:29:19

Thanks to quizolympian, Mike, Ross, nearly a cow, paramedic 999 button, n the little boy of Prague alhambradunfermline love u all #jasonbyrne

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