Tiffany & Co. Expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837.

2022-06-28 22:00:41

T, party of one. haileybieber is the embodiment of modern elegance in the Tiffany T collection. Link in bio. #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-28 13:01:40

More T, please. Mixing metals has never looked so good. Link in bio. #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-27 17:18:06

Handcrafted by four artisans over the span of 10 months, and a total of 1,300 hours setting the thousands of diamonds, Tiffany’s expert craftspeople brought the kendricklamar crown to life from 16 individual pieces that were assembled to form the final design. Link in bio. #Glastonbury2022 #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-27 14:21:25

Tiffany & Co. created a custom crown of thorns for kendricklamar for the release of his album and his performance at glastofest. With 50 thorns and over 8,000 diamonds, the design is a true masterpiece. Link in bio. #Glastonbury2022 #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-27 09:59:28

kendricklamar takes the stage at glastofest in a custom Tiffany & Co. crown of thorns featuring over 8,000 pavé diamonds. Link in bio. #Glastonbury2022 #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-27 02:10:30

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could double down with a pair of Return to Tiffany® earrings in sterling silver? Link in bio. #ReturnToTiffany #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-26 16:02:58

Pretty in punk. Toughen up your evening look with a suite of Return to Tiffany® designs in sterling silver. Link in bio. #ReturnToTiffany #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-25 21:30:20

Our preferred method of hitting the links this summer? A Tiffany HardWear bracelet in sterling silver. Link in bio. #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-25 14:47:08

Bring the heat this summer with a sleek suite of sterling silver. Link in bio. #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-25 01:00:27

A singular statement worthy of a double take. An elsaperetti.official Bone cuff is the only piece you need to level up your look. Link in bio. #ElsaPeretti #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-24 16:03:20

This is sterling silver like you've never seen before. Link in bio. elsaperetti.official #ElsaPeretti #TiffanyAndCo

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2022-06-24 00:00:27

Smooth South Sea black pearls create a striking contrast against the sharp angles of 90 individual diamonds in these modern BOTANICA: Blue Book 2022 earrings. Link in bio. #TiffanyHighJewelry #TiffanyBlueBook

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