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2022-01-27 10:00:08

Hands up! Who has been to Zimbabwe? Master Wire and Bead Craft’s totem has inspired us to visit our neighbouring country, so beautifully captured in this piece of design, with its national flower and emblem of the Zimbabwe Bird. Business founder Bishop Tarambawamwe grew up herding cattle and tending to the land in his clan’s part of the Manicaland province: “I know the mountains of the area very well. People call mountain-climbing a hobby, but to me it was just how I grew up. I’m so proud of the culture I grew up with, and the way we were taught to work with our hands. Nowadays kids are just interested in the computer...” Need more convincing to cross the border? Visit Bishop at his store in the Watershed and hear first-hand accounts of his breath-taking country. bishopt90 #8TravellingTotems #JoyFromAfrica – our journey of change and compassion

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2022-01-27 07:00:17

Which country is on your bucket list? You might not be able to travel there just yet, but you can sample global cuisine at the V&A 😉 Take a wander through your #fav neighbourhood and you’ll discover lots of delicious and delightful dishes from around the world… Here are a few spots we suggest you visit: 1. The Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre is home to a number of fabulous restaurants serving up a variety of international cuisines, from Italian and Indian to Middle Eastern and South East Asian. 2. The lovely Makers at Makers Landing are plating up all things delectable, from Zulu cuisine to Ayurvedic dishes. 3. The OZCF Market gives you the chance to nibble on the likes of Halvah, Latkes, Pasteis de Nata, Babka and Bao Buns! 📸: saray_restaurant_ct , makerslanding , & ozcfarm We’re open from 9 to 9 (that’s 09h00 to 21h00) and remember to shop our fantastic Summer Sale! #myVAjoy #VAWaterfront #OurWorldsTogether #findyourjoy #yourfavouriteneighbourhood

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2022-01-26 09:06:58

The Pedestrians are a young, multi- genre band based in Cape Town. Celebrating five years of existence, the band has many accolades that supersede their fresh looks and unique yet relatable sound. The band also gave birth to seven original tracks when they staged their own production called Viva D6 Queens, which was written and directed by Quanita Adams in 2016. Catch them on Saturday 29 January 2021, from 15:00pm-16:00 at Noble Square. thepedestrianscpt #LiveMusic #TakeTheStage #OurWorldsTogether

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2022-01-26 07:00:38

We’re curious! How do you find joy at the V&A? Is it Quayside sundowners on Date Nite or some serious retail therapy at your #fav shops in the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre? Let us know in the comments! We’re open from 9 to 9 (that’s 09h00 to 21h00) and remember to shop our fantastic Summer Sale! #myVAjoy #VAWaterfront #OurWorldsTogether

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2022-01-25 10:00:25

Totem name: Paivepo, by Master Wire and Bead Craft, inspired by Zimbabwe. ‘Paivepo’ is the Shona word used at the beginning of every folktale and is the name of this totem that represents Zimbabwe, the home country of Master Wire and Bead Craft Founder Bishop Tarambawamwe. The totem is decorated with the magnificent flame lily that is the country’s national flower. “We used to see them everywhere when we were herding cattle,” says Bishop. “We would play a game with the flower, pulling it from either side. Whoever got the stem would be the winner, and the loser would have to do things like return the cattle from the mountains for three days in a row.” In the centre of the totem is a beaded replica of an elder’s stool that one finds in every village home, and above this is a beaded chirongo, a vessel traditionally made from clay to store water or beer. At the pinnacle stands the Zimbabwe Bird. There are 8 Travelling Totems from all over SA. Come to Victoria Wharf (near Louis Vuitton) to see this artistry or visit https://www.joyfromafrica.co.za/discovery. Master Wire and Bead Craft is part of our Watershed family. bishopt90 #8TravellingTotems #JoyFromAfrica – our journey of change and compassion

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2022-01-25 08:04:03

Do you need a Tuesday pick-me-up? Then have a quick look at some of the incredible incubation programmes that are taking place in, or supported by, your #fav neighbourhood 🤩 ✨ Artists Alliance aims to co-create space and opportunities for young artists to freely explore their artistic perspectives. ✨ The Makers Landing Food Lab incubation programme supports job creation and skills development in the local food industry. ✨ GrowSA works to create a fair food system for the well-being of people and the planet by building sustainable, ethical gardens, kitchens, hubs and markets, and the people who make them thrive. It’s linked to our OZCF Market. ✨Our Buskers Programme gives buskers the opportunity to learn and grow through entrepreneurial workshops, one-on-one coaching and support, and personal wellness. #myVAjoy #VAWaterfront #OurWorldsTogether

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2022-01-24 10:00:49

REMINDER: This is your last week to view 100 Beautiful Baskets. Thank you to everyone who has visited so far and shared their experience on Instagram. We’ve loved reading your comments. biancarezz penned it as “a truly moving exhibition that you must see”, while onnah_design described it as “an inspiring visual feat for the eye and so informative”. petabeckerprojekt sees it as a “thrilling display from all over Africa”, and for tash_mjo it was “the most beautiful exhibition”. shop12homeware said “it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about Africa’s basket-making and weaving traditions”, and hanlierennie wrote that “it’s truly inspiring to be part of such a creative continent”. Visit and let us know what you think with the hashtag #100BeautifulBaskets Open 10am – 7pm, above H&M. Free entry. #JoyFromAfrica

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2022-01-24 08:20:54

Come and support our young entrepreneurs at the next V&A Kids Market which takes place this Saturday, 29 January. These young superstars will be showcasing and selling some of the cutest, tastiest and most creative goodies for you to enjoy! The market will take place right here at Makers Landing at the Cruise Terminal between 10h00-15h00pm See you there! Bring your wallet and bring some friends . #YoungEntrepreneurs #WeekendsAtMakers #LearnMakeEatShare

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2022-01-24 07:51:34

Today we celebrate International Day of Education 📚 The V&A is proud to support a number of organisations that have dedicated themselves to educating Africa’s fantastic future generations! Here’s a little bit more about them: 💻 WeThinkCode is a one-of-a-kind tech training academy that has created a fresh and innovative approach to coding education to train Africa’s top tech talent and promote the digitization of African business. 🎨 Lalela provides educational arts for at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken their entrepreneurial spirits. 🐙 The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation aims to nurture and inspire future generations to become conservation champions. 📸 wethinkcode_ lalelaproject aquariumfoundation #internationaleducationday #myVAjoy #VAWaterfront #OurWorldsTogether

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2022-01-22 07:00:01

Come and experience the breathtaking magic of basketry at the V&A Waterfront’s 100 Beautiful Baskets exhibition. Featuring baskets from 21 African countries, this exhibition is a celebration of the art of weaving and the artists who bring it all to life. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00 for a FREE exhibition curator tour. While you do that, enjoy a wine tasting experience with the Waterfront Wine Shop. Entertainment brought to you by Bridges for Music Academy. RSVP to infowaterfrontwineshop.co.za #100beautifulbaskets #JoyFromAfrica #VAWaterfront #myVAjoy #OurWorldsTogether

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2022-01-21 10:00:14

This Binga basket, woven with ilala palm, is a unique product of Southern Africa. Commonly called Tonga baskets, they are the traditional grain-winnowing baskets made by the displaced Batonga people in the Binga district of north-western Zimbabwe and southern Zambia. In the early 1960s, when Lake Kariba was constructed, the Batonga’s fertile lands along the Zambezi River were flooded, forcing them to relocate to more barren lands on either side of the 220-kilometre lake. Learn more interesting facts about African basketry at the 100 Beautiful Baskets exhibition. On until the end of the month (above H&M), 10am – 7pm. FREE ENTRY #100BeautifulBaskets #JoyFromAfrica

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2022-01-21 07:00:20

Can you guess which day it is today? 😉 Here’s a hint: It involves visiting a museum and requires a front-facing camera…. Did you get it? It’s Museum Selfie Day! Yup, it really is! Why not head over to the Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town Diamond Museum, or Robben Island Museum, and snap a selfie. Bonus points if you post it and tag us. We’re open from 9 to 9 (that’s 09h00 to 21h00) and remember to shop our fantastic Summer Sale! #museum #selfie #myVAjoy #VAWaterfront #OurWorldsTogether #findyourjoy #favouriteneighbourhood

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