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2022-01-22 01:54:43

We're paying tribute to the Half Cab, one of our most iconic styles, with the new Skate Half Cab '92. Experience 30 years of heritage at vans.com/skateboarding

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2022-01-21 20:42:15

Save the syrup and pass the jam while you enjoy this vintage inspired course from VansCanada & SneezeMag to celebrate the new limited Skate Chukka available now exclusively through Sneeze Magazine and the DimeMTL store. 📹: JakeKuzyk

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2022-01-20 23:53:43

Rowan.Zorilla surfs out a sunny back Smith on a lazy LA street sign filmed by JohnathanFlechas. Find the live performance of all our current options of the Rowan at skate shops now or see more at vans.com/skate

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2022-01-19 20:35:55

TysonPeterson_ simultaneously warms up and gets the crew sparked at the South Pasadena skatepark. 2022’s got a lot more from Tyson and the TheHomiesVideo_ fam but in the meantime find new options of Tyson’s go-to, the Skate Sk8-Hi, at skate shops near you or vans.com/skateboarding 📹: BonelessZine

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2022-01-19 14:45:17

Happy 28th Birthday to the high flying, long grinding KWalks. Hope it's a great one Kyle! Watch more of the OK Kid's Ruby rampage on ThrasherMag's youtube, and pick up a new pair of Kyle Walkers or Kyle 2s at a skate shop near you. Learn more at vans.com/skate 📹: GeometricSkateshop & Messy_Snacks

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2022-01-19 02:20:58

Congrats to our very own UnaFarrar for landing the first ever cover of MessSkateMag. Pick up an issue at your local skate shop and stay tuned for more coming from Mess soon. 📷: Lapir0

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2022-01-19 00:03:00

Happy Birthday to our master lensman and super shredder, AAcostaa, a man who really can do it all. Happy Birthday Anthony! Help his birthday be extra happy by picking up a print of one of his great photos at aacostaa.bigcartel.com 📷: AAcostaa 🎂

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2022-01-18 18:17:07

All the tech you need in a shoe that has remained an icon for three decades. Get the specs on the new Skate Half Cab '92 at vans.com/skateboarding 📷: AAcostaa

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2022-01-15 19:50:23

Charge to ThrasherMag and binge Grindland, a crash course in skating’s dynasty of DIY sparked by the birth of Burnside and the history of the wildmen who had the vision to bring it to life and keep the fire burning far beyond (link in story).

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2022-01-15 03:13:17

Lil rip of McCranker & Breezeana from ChocolateSkateboards' Bunny Hop. Watch it again on all the Crailtap channels and for the latest and greatest from GirlSkateboards check out your local skate shop this weekend. Use our retailer locator at vans.com/skateboarding to find some near you.

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2022-01-14 23:48:18

Can't stop won't stop. ChimaFerguson keeps going and going. Be like Chima Too with a fresh pair of Chima 2s or Chima Fergusons available now at a skate shop near you. Find a shop and see more anytime at vans.com/skateboarding 🎥 Cologne____

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2022-01-14 17:38:01

From scissors and duct tape to a silhouette that defined a generation of skateboarding and beyond. Celebrate 30 years of the Half Cab with the Skate Half Cab '92, available now in local shops and vans.com/skateboarding

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