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2022-06-24 10:41:04

Back with a new edit for ya’ll to kick off summer! Swipe to check out how we previewed this one at parallel.am last month with fsgreen. What you guys think? Download link in bio 🌴

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2022-05-19 14:07:03

Here's a little fsgreen & wearechamos warm-up session for our night at parallel.am on the 28th of May. It features our collaborations, special edits and some new exclusives for y’all. Run it.. the mix is up on Soundcloud right now! 🌴

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2022-05-17 10:04:12

The last few months were insane, thank you all for the love. We’ve done shows throughout Europe, but also reached 20k followers on Soundcloud and we're very grateful for that. We keep on going; next week we will play at crispyrotterdam again after two years, on May 28th we do a show with fsgreen at parallel.am and we’re back in Milan for the aboutyou award show. But first our own night at tivolivredenburg next Thursday together with terakoraa and marithvanbeek. Come thru. 🌴

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2022-05-07 15:22:37

candidcologne, you were amazing! Playing blckprtyleiden tnght, come do the skibidupa dance with us. 🌴

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2022-05-06 14:32:22

BIG honour to play at our Olympic stadium during amsterdamsverbond. Thanks appelsapx & fouramsterdam for having us. Playing candidcologne Germany tonight, come thru.🌴

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2022-04-25 10:29:50

Rome last weekend was insane! Big thanks to touchthewood. Back in NL this week with 5 Kings night/day shows, including our sold out CHAMOS night at tivolivredenburgbynight. Come and say hi. 🌴 📹: 90iez

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2022-04-11 18:00:09

Back this month with our own night at tivolivredenburg Utrecht! We’re inviting our friends faisxl and camtrao to celebrate Kingsnight. Who’s joining us? 🌴🧡

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2022-04-05 11:50:39

Last two weeks have been crazy! Big s/o to everyone in Rotterdam, Milan, Ghent and at our own night in Utrecht. Stay tuned, cause there are a lot of new and exciting CHAMOS shows coming up. 🌴❤️ ➡️

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2022-03-28 12:32:32

This Thursday we will be back at tivolivredenburg to host our own clubnight CHAMOS. Last month went crazy so UUUTRECHT let's do this again! 🌴 As we proceed, we invited our friends and talented DJ's patrickmordi and akjitra to give u what u need.

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2022-03-20 15:50:54

Payment received. 🍜 Thank you vertigo.synccity johngokuu synccity.records. Zurich was mad! 🌴

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2022-03-07 12:55:28

Wow, happy to be back behind the decks. fuegorazzmatazz Barcelona, you guys were amazing! This Saturday we will keep the same energy but in a different city. Playing jangal_ams at chicagosocialclub. Who’s in for a night with CHAMOS? 🌴

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2022-03-04 11:41:28

Glad to be back! Come and see us in a city near you. Tourlife is starting tonight at razzmatazzclubs Barcelona.🌴

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